Ceramic Machining, Grinding & Polishing Services

PremaTech Advanced Ceramics machines, grinds, laps & polishes basic and complex components made of high-purity silicon carbide and other advanced ceramics. For more than 30 years, PremaTech has been an industry leader in application-adaptive ceramic machining and polishing. Let us develop a solution for your most challenging application.


silicon carbide and advanced ceramics components

Our Expertise:

-Large, Complex Components

-Aspheric Shapes for Mirrors

-Lapping & Polishing for Surface finish

-Engineering & Design Assistance

-Grinding of Ultra-Hard Materials (Sapphire, Boron Nitride, Quartz, Silicon Nitride & Silicon Carbide)

-Machining Ceramics – Alumina, Zirconia and other Oxides


Industries Served:


-Aerospace & Defense


-Life Sciences






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